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Episode 11: Prof. Dave McCamant

Dave McCamant is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Rochester, and is interested in light-matter interactions and how those interactions allow us to understand how things at the molecular scale move around and exchange energy.

Tune into the episode of Science Off Camera to hear about ultra-fast photochemistry between molecules, developing solar fuels and coming back to the lab post-shutdown.

David McCamant
Early on I was able to recognize that chemistry is much more than chemical reactions and running reactions in a fume hood.


Research in the McCamant lab focuses on ultrafast structural dynamics in photochemistry and photobiology and thereby illuminates how excited-state structure is related to photochemical function. The innovative approach of this work lies in the application of ultrafast transient absorption, ultrafast Raman spectroscopy, steady-state methods, and computational chemistry to these photochemical problems. By combining ultrafast electronic and vibrational spectroscopy, this research obtains a detailed picture of how molecular structure evolves during photochemical events and how energy flows between coupled molecular vibrations. Because vibrational spectra can be directly mapped to molecular structure, ultrafast time-resolved Raman can establish the excited-state structures that drive photochemistry and photobiology.


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