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Episode 13: Prof. Darby Dyar

Darby Dyar is a Kennedy-Schelkunoff Professor of Astronomy, has written more than 260 papers and has been awarded more than $10 million in diverse grants from NASA and NSF. She is the Chair of Astronomy at Mount Holyoke College and set up the mineral spectroscopy database for Mars and had a role in the ChemCam imaging equipment for the Mars Rovers.

Prof. Dyars work lies in the overlap between geology, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about Darby Dyar and her work!

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The entire field of spectroscopy as we know it is poised for a revolution and the revolution is going to be called machine learning.


The primary goal of Prof. Dyar’s research is to understand how hydrogen and oxygen are distributed throughout our solar system, particularly in terrestrial bodies such as the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and the parent bodies of meteorites. Prof. Dyar uses Mössbauer, reflectance, Raman, synchrotron, and LIBS spectroscopies. She studies rocks from diverse localities on Earth from the deep oceans to Antarctica, as well as lunar rocks and meteorite samples.


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