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Episode 15: Prof. Vinod Menon

Vinod Menon is a Professor of Physics and Chair of the Physics Department at the City College of New York, as well as a fellow of The Optical Society of America. At the Laboratory for Nano and Micro Photonics (LaNMP) Prof. Menon and team explore approaches to control light-matter interaction at the nanoscale.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about LaNMP, research into emergent material properties, and how to answer the fundamental questions using imaging and light-matter interactions.

Vinod Menon
Being able to train students all the way from high school to postdoc level is something that I truly take pride in, in my group.


“Research in the Laboratory for Nano and Micro Photonics (LaNMP) can be best summarized as an exploration of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale. We are interested in exploring emergent material properties (classical and quantum) that arise when matter is subjected to artificially engineered electromagnetic environments. The goal is to develop a largely unexplored strategy for realizing programmable matter based on coherently combining material excitations with light – realizing half-light half-matter quasiparticles. We hope to answer fundamental questions related to ultimate limits of controlling light-matter interaction and apply these concepts in applications such as quantum simulators, energy harvesting, ultrafast light emitters, and catalysis.”


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