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Episode 16: Dr. Philippe Laissue

Philippe Laissue is a Lecturer in Bioimaging at the University of Essex and can be found @LaissuePhilippe. This episode discusses Philippe’s history in imaging, building light sheet systems with OpenSPIM, and what the next big challenges are for gentle, live cell imaging.

Just how little light can perturb your microscopy samples? Tune in to this episode of Science Off Camera to find out!

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The OpenSPIM project, as someone put it, has manuals that put IKEA to shame.


Imaging specialist with a focus on developing methods for quantitative microscopy: Main expertise is low-light, in vivo fluorescence microscopy and quantified image analysis, using different imaging modalities, multi-scale approaches, and fluorescent proteins.

Other works include: Live microscopy of marine organisms, reef-building corals, metabolic inhibitors of prostate cancer, and location/signaling of hydrogen peroxide in plants.


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