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Episode 17: Prof. Alexander Bataller

Alexander Bataller is an Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State University, tune in to this episode to hear about his career, from being a bartender to becoming a nuclear physicist, and how he connects the nano-dimension with galactic objects using spectroscopy.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about ultrafast laser and emission spectroscopy, Alex’s career journey, and studying the galaxy!

There are not that many careers out there where you can say ‘I am at the forefront of human exploration.’


The Bataller Research Group is focused on investigating the fundamental properties of dense plasma and how materials evolve when exposed to the extreme environments found in current and next-generation nuclear reactors. Prof. Bataller specializes in ultrafast laser and emission spectroscopy and is currently developing the following laboratories:

  1. Ultrafast Plasma Laboratory (UPL)
  2. Molten-salt Ultrafast Spectroscopy Characterization Laboratory (MUSCL)
  3. Nuclear Materials Ultrafast Spectroscopy Characterization Laboratory (NMUSCL)


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