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Episode 19: Prof. Seetha Raghavan

Seetha Raghavan is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering with joint appointments in Material Science at the College of Optics and Lasers, at the University of Central Florida. Seetha can be found at @raghavan_seetha, and in this episode she talks to us about her fascination for aerospace engineering, researching new materials for aircrafts, and guiding students on their scientific path.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear all about aerospace engineering, materials research and education!

What was exciting to me is that aerospace engineering is such a complex system that involves so many different fields, just to make one thing happen.


Prof. Raghavan has seven years of experience in the aerospace industry where she was a senior engineer involved in aircraft structural analysis, aircraft maintenance, repair, and modifications, as well as research and development in nondestructive structural testing.

As a UCF faculty member since 2008, Prof. Raghavan works with her students to engineer materials as sensors to monitor structural integrity and capture the mechanics of high-temperature materials for jet engine turbine blades, high speed, and re-entry vehicles. She develops innovative characterization techniques that lead to experimental discoveries — from the fundamentals of load transfer with nanoparticle reinforcements to “seeing” strains evolve in high temperature coatings and materials under extreme operating conditions — the outcomes will engineer materials and structures that lead to game-changing technology in aeronautics and space.


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