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Episode 02: Dr Siddharth Ghosh

Dr Siddharth Ghosh has a PhD in Physics, MPhil in Mechanical Engineering, and BEng in Biotechnology. He is a German Research Foundation/DFG Fellow at Maxwell Cente and the Centre for Misfolding Diseases, University of Cambridge. He is also a St John’s College Research Associate by Fellow and a Visiting Researcher at the Leiden Institute of Physics and High Field Magnetic Lab, Nijmegen, as well as the Director of Open Academic Research.

Sid strongly believes in a quote from Walter Lewin ‘Teachers who make Physics boring are criminals’.

Sid has also had a role in the COVID-19 Global Road Map due to his single-molecule imaging expertise.

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We were imaging small unilamellar vesibles, about 100 nm in diameter, and I got a call to WHO Geneva for the COVID-19 Global Road Map… SARS-CoV2 is 120 nm and similar to the vesicles… to a single-molecule imaging expert, single virus detection is much easier.


Dr. Ghosh is a single-molecule biophysicist, with research interests in Light-matter interactions, Atomic-scale Mechanics and Fluidics, Computational Quantum Chemistry, Biomolecular interactions, Statistical Mechanics, and Nanolithography.


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