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Episode 22: Dr. Peter O’Toole

Peter O’Toole is the Head of Imaging and Cytometry at the University of York.

Dr O’Toole gained his PhD in the Cell Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Essex and has been involved in many aspects of fluorescence imaging and flow cytometry. Since arriving at York, he has firmly established the Imaging and Cytometry Laboratory as one of the top European centres.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about twitching (the birdwatching kind), building an imaging team, and Peter’s own podcast, #TheMicroscopists!

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I came in 19 years ago, and what a community to be in. Microscopy has been terrific, it’s been a big wave and I think we surf the wave really successfully, following it and looking at oppurtunities.


Peter’s research is now focussed on both technology and method development. Peter is a PI on multiple funded grants, including current funding from the RCUK Next Generation Optical Microscopy (NGOM) Call in collaboration with the CRUK-LRI, JEOL and Delmic and KTP/EPSRC funding in collaboration with Phase Focus and BBSRC/JEOL CASE Award to develop a novel CLEM system.


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