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Episode 24: Prof. Paul Maddox

Paul Maddox is the Founder and President of Mizar Imaging, and Associate Professor at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The lab of Prof. Maddox uses high-resolution microscopy, quantitative image analysis, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and developmental biology to study cell division.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about building microscopes, being in academia and industry, as well as teaching lab classes from a basement!

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I’ve always approached problems by saying, how can I use a microscope to solve this problem?


“Dramatic events of cell division have fascinated researchers for over a century, major questions remain about the cellular machines that carry out these steps, and how our collective current knowledge applies to different kinds of cells. Our lab is working to understand how many of these steps in cell division take place. We use multiple model animal cells, to be sure what we discover is true for most cells. We make movies of cells dividing and then measure parameters including the size, speed, packing, and shape of cellular features.”


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