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Episode 30: Dr. John Tandy

Jon Tandy is a Doctor at London Metropolitan University, as well as the course leader for Natural Sciences BSc and a Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the School of Human Sciences.

Dr. Tandy investigates the processes that happen in the first fractions of a second when objects in the solar system collide by looking at the light these events produce. However, his research takes place in the lab right here on earth, where he and his colleagues simulate such events.

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I am very excited to be involved in this kind of research, especially now, where it feels like we can help at least a little bit in the current pandemic situation, in applying these nanotechnologies to probe and understand biological systems


Jon’s current research primarily focuses on high-speed imaging and emission spectroscopy of light flashes seen during hypervelocity (> 3 km/s) impacts replicating meteoroids impacting planetary surfaces, allowing an examination of the highly energetic and dynamic chemical reactions. He is also working to develop a new cryogenic source to replicate the icy mixtures found on the surfaces of outer Solar System bodies (e.g. Pluto).


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