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Episode 34: Dr. Jörg Debus

Jörg Debus is a group leader at TU Dortmund in Germany. Jörg’s research covers a broad range of materials such as semiconductors, 2D materials, quantum materials, and more recent experiments in the field of nanotribology, the study of friction on the nanometer scale. Common to all his research that he uses the power of light, optics, and spectroscopy to look at materials.

In this episode of Science Off Camera, tune in to hear about using spins in materials for quantum computing, and what role optics plays in understanding their underlying physics.

Carriers have also another intrinsic property besides the electric charge, it’s the angular momentum or the spin. It’s a quantum mechanical variable that you can superpose, that superposition creates some quantum state, you can entangle it, and this is actually the main advantage if you use to spin for using it as a possibility to transfer information, this opens up a lot of possibilities!


Dr Debus is currently researching the following topics: Tribology at the nanoscale – fundamental mechanisms, In situ and operando sensing with optical spectroscopy, spins and pseudospins of excitons in tailored MoWSe alloys, and Interactions between magnetic ions and carriers confined in doped semiconductor structures.

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