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Episode 36: Prof. Hideaki Kano

Hideaki Kano is a Professor in the department of chemistry at Kyushu University in Japan where he is setting up a new spectroscopy lab. Prof. Kano uses coherent Raman spectroscopy to create functional images of living cells and tissue. The label-free technique allows him to visualize dozens of components in a cell simultaneously for example content of lipids, RNA and proteins.

In this episode of Science Off Camera, tune in to hear about using label-free coherent Raman spectroscopy to measure multi-functional images, as well as the 3 random coincidences that made Prof. Kano discover this technique for his research. 

If the condition is very good, I could see the CARS radiation even with my naked eye. You know, Raman scattering is a very, very weak signal. And also the Raman scattering is scattering meaning it is non-directional, so it is very difficult to detect the signal. However, when I saw the coherent Raman signal, I realized that it should work in many fields


Prof. Kano is highly involved with Raman scattering and Raman spectroscopy, as well as coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS).

See the following link for more information about Prof. Kano’s work:

Application note about Prof. Kanos research 


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