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Episode 37: Dr. Mark Pickering

Dr. Mark Pickering @PickeringLab is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine for University College Dublin. Mark is a neurobiologist, microscope hacker, maker, and marine enthusiast who runs the JellyLab.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about imaging jellyfish, 3D printing, outreach giving science back to the general public, and the allure of the sea!

We can move discovery out of the hands of the professionals and we can move it into the general public. Why can’t an interested amateur just build themselves a microscope and go ask questions, and explore the world?


Taken from the Mark Pickering lab page:

“My research is focused on understanding the factors underpinning the structure and function of the nervous system. We take a broad approach to this question, ranging from understanding the process of development and repair of myelin in the nervous system, and the impact of mechanical forces on development of the structure of peripheral nerves, through to mapping the dynamic structure of complete nervous systems in simple organisms, specifically the ctenophore Pleurobrachia pileus, In addition to my research on the neurobiology of ctenophores, We are also interested in the biology of the adhesive produced by the colloblast cells in ctenophores, both in terms of its basic biology and its potential applications. The application of simple fabrication methods such as 3D printing to development of low cost and flexible lab tools, such as microscopes, is also a key part of the work of my lab.”

See the JellyLab YouTube page here!


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