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Episode 38: Dr. Anja Røyne

Anja Røyne is a researcher, lecturer and author working at the University of Oslo where she has been researching the interfaces between minerals on the nanometer scale to find out their impact on geological structures. Anja’s research has impact on multiple areas related to sustainability and climate change and we talked about in ground carbon storage, clean ways to produce cement and building materials.

Tune in to this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about Anjas book ‘The Elements We Live By’ where she explores the origin and importance of atomic elements and the human impacts of exploiting them. You’ll also hear about spectroscopy, nanotechnology, geology and sustainability and how they are related to each other.

If you have crystal growth that seals structures and kind of stops water flow through the rock, this has really large-scale implications for how fast geological processes can take place. So that’s quite fascinating that they can go really down to the nanoscale and try to answer questions about how things can happen on a very, very big scale.


Anja is a physicist with a background in solar energy, and has researched geological and geochemical processes, and now working on creating materials with biotechnology. In addition, she runs her own science blog and often contributes to popular science radio programmes and newspapers.

See the following link for more information about Anja’s work:


Anja Royne on Twitter

Anja Royne at the University of Oslo

Anjas book, “The Elements We Live By”


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