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Episode 05: Dr. Alex Hargreaves

Alex Hargreaves is a post-doctoral research associate R&D scientist in the Physics of Life Group of Prof. Mark Leake, at The University of York.

Alex works on super-resolution imaging to study epigenetics, DNA replication and DNA repair in a variety of different model systems.

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about Alex’s work in and out of academia, and his career path to his current role.

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I did a lot of work on deep learning to process huge volumes of data.


The Leake research group of Biophysics and Biological Physics is jointed hosted by the Physics and Biology Departments at the University of York and comprises research themes of both experimental biophysics and theoretical biophysics tools, as well the use of biophysics science tools and techniques to address questions in the life sciences and develop bionanotechnology tools for application in biomedicine, synthetic biology, and bioengineering.


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