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Episode 08: Dr. Kristina Ganzinger

Kristina is the group leader of the Physics of Cellular Interactions group at AMOLF in the Netherlands, and has a passion for reconstituting biology and information processing in the immune system, as well as aiming to make methods ever more reproducible and reliable, sharing all methodological advances openly with the research community. 

Tune into this episode of Science Off Camera to hear about Kristina’s research, working between disciplines, and open source science!

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Scientific fields are more connected than they used to be, the boundaries are less impenetrable than some time ago.


Kristina’s group at AMOLF is exploring the basic physical principles behind cellular signaling cascades or pathways:

“How do cells transmit, process, and respond to information, both precisely and unambiguously? Can we address these questions by reconstituting these signalling processes in vitro, in model-membrane systems (“artificial cells”)? We focus specifically on pathways that are critical for the immune system. For example, we investigate the interplay of membrane topography and signaling. By combining a synthetic biology approach with tools from single-molecule biophysics and microfabrication, we study individual signaling elements one-by-one, in isolation from cellular cross-talk.”


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