PhotometricsLabVIEW Adapter

TPM-LabVIEW Samples Installer version

  • LabVIEW supported version: 2020 SP1 (64bit), 2021 (64bit), 2021 SP1 (64bit)
  • LabVIEW prerequisites: VAS (NI Vision Acquisition Software) with the free IMAQ library for NI cameras should be installed to enable IMAQ display component in the sample.
  • PVCam.NET Adapter version:
  • PVCAM version recommended:
  • OS supported: Win 10 (x64)

Supported cameras:

  • Kinetix PCIe & USB3.1Gen
  • BSI-Exp USB3.1 Gen2
  • Older cameras may also work but were not tested during the validation

List of changes:

  • Added support for Kinetix, including 8-bit mode.
  • New tabs added for IMAQ image, IntGraph image and MoveBlock example.
  • Camera metadata and Image statistics added.
  • Data processing speed-optimized.
  • Added support for SMART streaming.
  • RAW format multi-page files support added.
  • PSM parameters are updated automatically. Added selections of camera Speed/Gain.
  • Added selections of camera Speed/Gain in dual camera Live Stream Saving App.
  • Added support allowing user to read pixel value at a given location of the image.
  • Framerate calculation accuracy improved.