Web Consultationand Product Evaluation Plus

Product Comparison and Evaluation

Selecting a scientific camera is an involved process that requires considered evaluation. In a web consultation, we will remotely help you to make the best decision for your application.

Connect with an imaging expert to talk through your requirements then schedule a live-streamed camera demonstration to compare technologies. You will then have the option to request a camera to be shipped directly for personal evaluation.

1. Web Consultation

Set up a meeting and remotely connect with one of our imaging experts to discuss your application, equipment and needs.

We will work with you on camera recommendations which we will then evaluate and compare live.

2. Live-Streamed Camera Evaluation

To assess the performance of a scientific camera it’s vital to acquire images to compare signal level and image quality.

We will perform a live, interactive demonstration using a variety of samples and camera technologies to help you make your decision.

All data will be sent to you within 24 hours of the demonstration.

3. Product Evaluation Plus

If you still have questions following the web consultation and live-streamed demonstration, you may request a camera be shipped to you for a commitment-free evaluation.

To make the evaluation and purchase process easier, you have the option to purchase the shipped trial camera to get up and running immediately.

Furthermore, to ensure that you’re getting the right camera you may exchange your new purchase for any other camera in our portfolio within 40 days of receipt.

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