pE300whiteFluorescence Light Source


Fluorescence Light Source

Bring your fluorescence illumination under control with the pE300white. The pE300white has broad spectrum illumination from DAPI to Cy5, simple control via manual control pod or USB interface, and high brightness. Bring safety, efficiency and simplicity into your setup by upgrading from Mercury or Metal-Halide lamps.

  • 3 Channels (UV, Blue, Green)
  • Manual or software control
  • Direct Mount or Liquid Light Guide

Key Features

Simplified Fluorescence Microscopy

Routine fluorescence has never been easier. With high brightness, intuitive intensity control, and the simplicity and safety of LEDs, versatility and ease of use come in the same package.

3 Channel Fluorescence

The pE300white has 3 high-brightness LEDs which cover a broad wavelength range from DAPI to Cy5, with individual intensity control.

Easy Controls

With individual 0-100% control over intensities for UV, Green and Blue via control pad, or automation via software, fluorescence is at your fingertips. Additional on/off TTL control opens the door for more advanced techniques.

Safe and Efficient

Never change a bulb again with the ultra-long lifetime of LEDs, and forget about expensive maintenance and rigorous start-up or shut-down procedures. And with the high efficiency of the ACT-label certified LEDs, you’re reducing energy bills from the moment you upgrade.

Mounting Options Based On Application

With the option of either Direct mounting for maximum brightness, or Liquid Light Guide to save lab-bench space and avoid vibration, the pE300white can fit a great range of setups.