RETIGA E7Long Exposure CMOS

The Retiga E7 brings long exposure imaging into the CMOS era, featuring major breakthroughs in thermal noise control that allows for exposures of over an hour! This compact CMOS has low dark noise and ultra-low dark current across a 7 megapixel sensor, resulting in high resolution detection of even the weakest signals. With data over a single USB3.2 Gen 2 cable, the Retiga E7 is simple, powerful and easy to integrate, representing the next generation of long exposure camera, following on from the highly successful CCD-based Retiga R-series.

  • Capable of exposure times over 60 minutes
  • Ultra low dark current <0.001 e/p/s
  • High resolution sensor (7 MP)
  • True global shutter

Key Features

Long Exposure Imaging

Thanks to major breakthroughs in thermal noise control, the Retiga E7 CMOS has an unprecedented ultra-low dark current of <0.001 electrons per pixel per second, allowing for exposure times of over an hour.

Stretching exposure times from seconds to minutes to hours in this manner results in comfortable detection of even the weakest signals, ideal for imaging luminescence.

Extended Dynamic Range

As well as Speed and Long Exposure modes, the Retiga E7 features Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) mode, which combines a large full well capacity with a low read noise to result in ~2.5x more dynamic range than other modes, easily capturing both intense and weak signals in the same image.

High Speed Mode

As well as the ‘Long Exposure’ mode, capable of exposures over 60 minutes thanks to the ultra-low dark current, the Retiga E7 also features a ‘Fast Capture’ mode that operates at 51 frames a second across the full 7 megapixel sensor.

OEM Integration

Interfacing is simple with the Retiga E7 by design. With its compact format and single cable interface, hardware integration is straightforward. The addition of onboard triggering, Windows/Linux support, and our dedicated OEM team make integrating and customising the Retiga E7 a painless process.

Family Specifications

Sensor Technology CMOS
Dark Current Noise 0.001 e-/p/s
Quantum Efficiency 73%
Pixel Size 4.5 µm x 4.5 µm
Supported Interfaces USB 3.2 Gen 2
Read Noise (median) 2.1 e-

Camera Models

Sensor Area
Frame Rate
Retiga E7
Sensor Area
14.4mm x 9.9mm,
17.6mm diagonal
Frame Rate
3fps @ ‘Long Exposure’
51fps @ ‘Fast Capture’
Sensor Area
Frame Rate
Retiga E20
Sensor Area
13.1mm x 8.7mm,
15.7mm diagonal
Frame Rate
1.5fps @ ‘Long Exposure’
22fps @ ‘Fast Capture’