Why Photometrics?

Teledyne Photometrics provides scientific CMOS, EMCCD, and CCD camera solutions that turn your experiments into results.

Our products are widely used to support demanding, quantitative research, from live animal imaging to quantum physics.

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Over 40 years in the scientific camera industry

The original architects of scientific-grade EMCCDs.

The first to provide back-illuminated sCMOS cameras with near-perfect efficiency.

The maker of the Kinetix, the first and currently only camera able to:

  • Quantitatively image voltage changes in neurons across a huge field of view
  • Image entire model organs at sub-cellular resolution in a single image
  • Achieve sub-electron sensitivity across an entire ten megapixel sensor
  • Image across four modes optimized to deliver a range of specifications, including Speed, Sensitivity, Sub-Electron, and Dynamic Range

We continue to design and manufacture high-performance scientific cameras while delivering outstanding customer service. Here are some of the perks you get with Teledyne Photometrics:

Services and Support

Wide Implementation Across Partner Platforms

  • Partnerships with all leading microscopy companies
  • Software compatibility with a wide range of third-party imaging software
  • Technical support of Micro-Manager, OpenSPIM, and other open-source scientific programs
  • Free adapters for developer software MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, and more
  • Free PVCAM SDK for Windows and Linux
  • Excellent support for optical builders and tinkerers, it’s our bread and butter
  • Strong OEM presence for custom imaging projects

Personal and Educational Approach

  • Camera Evaluation Program, try before you buy with experts on hand
  • Free Remote Seminars for an educational introduction to camera technologies
  • A community of users and developers in our Customer Reference program
  • Feedback and relationships with users and developers to drive change

Warranties and Guarantees

Products and Features

We offer the latest in scientific CMOS, EMCCD, and CCD technologies. Our product range is matched to a wide range of microscopy applications, meeting your imaging needs and overcoming experimental or sample challenges. Here are some perks of imaging with a Teledyne Photometrics camera:

  • Our sensors are pattern-free, sensitive, and highly quantitative, which means no more patterns, lines, or artifacts getting in the way of your sample
  • Our Citadel chamber design provides industry-leading sensor protection, which means no more condensation
  • Exclusive Product Features that make imaging easier, more powerful, and more efficient

Sensitivity: Near-perfect 95% quantum efficiency combined with ultra-low read noise

Speed: Extreme high speeds across the whole sensor to capture dynamic events

Resolution: Large arrays with small pixel sizes for sub-cellular resolution

Field Of View: Easily image larger samples with 22 mm, 25 mm and 29 mm sensor sizes