Iris 15 Scientific CMOS Camera

Iris 15 Camera
  • 15 Megapixel Camera
  • 4.25µm x 4.25µm Pixel Area
  • >30 Frames per Second
  • Large 25mm Field of View

  • 15 Megapixel (5056 x 2968)
  • 25mm Field of View
  • 4.25µm x 4.25µm Pixel Area
  • 30 Frames per Second
  • 73% Quantum Efficiency
  • Light Sheet Microscopy
  • Multi-Color Fluorescence
  • Tiling Applications
  • Microarray Instrument
  • High Content and High Throughput Cell Screening
  • Genomic Analysis/ Sequencing
  • Biochip and Microfluidics Measurements
  • Tissue and Cellular Imaging
  • Clinical Diagnostics

Download the Driver for this Camera

Operating System:
Not currently supported
Minimum Version:

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