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Prime Family

Low-Light Imaging

The Prime family of 95% quantum efficient, back-illuminated sCMOS cameras feature the highest sensitivity with versatile pixel size and field of view options to support the widest range of low-light applications such as spinning disk confocal microscopy, single molecule and super resolution imaging.

Iris Family

High Resolution Imaging

The Iris family of sCMOS cameras deliver up to a 15 megapixel sensor with a 25 millimeter field of view for extremely high-resolution imaging over a large imaging area, ideal for live cell imaging, light sheet microscopy and high content screening applications.

Iris 15 photo
Iris 9 photo
Evolve Delta photo
Evolve 128 photo
Evolve 512 photo

Evolve Family

Electron-Multiplying CCD

The Evolve family of EMCCD cameras are the fastest and most sensitive EMCCD cameras available. Designed specifically for the lowest light imaging applications, the high quantitative performance enables precise and accurate measurement. 

CCD Family

Documentation and Color Imaging

Our CCD family of scientific cameras have all been designed with specific applications in mind. The unique advantages of these devices can be used to enhance the imaging performance of techniques used in electrophysiology, long stare or color imaging applications, documentation and live cell imaging.

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Retiga Electro photo
Micropublisher photo
DC2 photo
DV2 photo
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Imaging Hardware

Simultaneous Imaging Systems

A large number of live cell imaging techniques use simultaneous channel information. Our range of dual- and quad-channel imaging splitters can be used to acquire two to four spatially identical but spectrally distinct images simultaneously with image sensors up to 22mm.


Camera control

Teledyne Photometrics cameras are all controllable with our PVCAM driver and supported in our Ocular software. The PVCAM driver SDK can alternatively be used integrate Teledyne Photometrics PVCAM based cameras into other software packages. 

Our cameras are also fully supported in a large range of third party software packages.

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Third Party Software