Prime 95B Scientific CMOS Camera

Prime 95B Scientific CMOS Camera

95% QE Backside Illuminated Scientific CMOS, when discovery depends on every photon

The Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera allows you to overcome many difficult imaging challenges by converting nearly every available photon to useful signal through an incredible 95% Quantum Efficiency – by using the first available scientific CMOS sensor with backside illumination. And now, the Prime 95B is available with advanced real-time processing features:

  • PrimeEnhance™ quantitatively increases the Signal to Noise Ratio by 3X-5X, increasing the clarity and quality of images.
  • PrimeLocate™ dynamically evaluates acquired images and reduces the surplus of data generated during high speed super-resolution imaging.

PrimeEnhance - before PrimeEnhance - after

Prime 95B is available with an embedded signal processing engine that quantitatively restores images that are hidden in photon noise. Learn more these advanced, real‐time processing features:

95% Quantum Efficiency comparison graph
Features   Prime 95B EMCCD
Fast Acquisition >82fps @ 1200 x 1200  
High Spatial Resolution Optimized for 100X Imaging  
Large Field of View Maximizes Imaging Throughput  
16-bit Dynamic Range Simultaneously Image Bright & Dim Samples  
Excess Noise Factor 1.4X Higher Shot Noise  
EM Gain Degrades over time  

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Learn more about the Prime family of Scientific CMOS Cameras

  • 95% Quantum Efficiency
  • 11µm x 11µm Pixel Area
  • 1200 x 1200 array - 1.44 Megapixel
  • 1.6e- Read Noise
  • 80,000e- Pixel Full Well
  • 61,500:1 Dynamic Range
  • 41fps @ 16-bit
  • 82fps @ 12-bit
  • Super-Resolution Microscopy
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Single Molecule Fluorescence
  • LightSheet Microscopy

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