sCMOS Optimised For Light Sheet Microscopy

Kinetix photo


  • Large FOV, no more stitching and tiling
  • Very high speed for live samples
  • Flexible and powerful light-sheet solution

The Kinetix delivers everything you need for light-sheet in one camera, with the highest speeds and largest field of view for high-throughput.

Iris 15

  • Large rectangular FOV for large samples
  • Small pixel ideal for low magnification
  • Sub-cellular resolution

The Iris 15 is ideal for imaging large fields of view at high resolution, easy to set up, and simple to image with.

Prime BSI Express

  • Ideal for higher magnification imaging
  • High sensitivity with high speed
  • Compact and easy to integrate

The Prime BSI Express is a sensitive, compact camera that images at high resolution and high speed.

OpenSPIM Customer Stories

Dr. Rui Ma, Max Planck Institute

Zebrafish Light-Sheet with the Kinetix sCMOS

“This light-sheet system was built with the Kinetix in mind, we wanted to use the larger field of view, higher QE and faster framerates, compared with other cameras.”

Dr. Franziska Decker, ETH Zürich

Organoid Light-Sheet with the Iris 15 sCMOS

“Every sample I have imaged fits into one field of view, and [the Iris 15] works great, it was easy to setup and image with.”

Dr. Greg Perry, University of London

3D organism imaging with the Iris 9 sCMOS

“The camera is ideal for our OpenSPIM system due to the sensitivity and the large field of view”

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Light-Sheet Customer Stories

Light Sheet Microscopy

Prof. Fei Peng Huazhong University

“The Iris 9 and Iris 15 are easy to use and show great performance. The Iris 15 has a very efficient field of view for mouse brain imaging with high magnification without stitching.”

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Light Sheet Microscopy

Single frame of an OpenSPIM acquisition of a zebrafish embryo expressing GFP in vascular endothelial cells, allowing visualization of the heart and the vasculature.
Greg Perry University of London

“The camera is ideal for our OpenSPIM system due to the sensitivity and the large field of view.”

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Whole Heart Light Sheet

Dr. Leonardo Sacconi National Institute of Optics, Italy

“”We switched to the Kinetix thanks to the large dimension and high resolution of the sensor, and of course we also really appreciate the high quantum efficiency provided by the back-illuminated technology””

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