Prime BSI™ Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Camera

Prime BSI Camera
  • 4.2 Megapixel Camera
  • 6.5µm x 6.5µm Pixel Area
  • 95% Quantum Efficiency
  • Real-time Computational Capabilities

The Prime BSI Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera delivers the perfect balance between high resolution imaging and sensitivity with an optimized pixel design and near perfect 95% Quantum Efficiency. This 4.2 Megapixel camera with 6.5µm pixels captures highly detailed images at high frame rates, making it the most versatile sCMOS for live cell imaging techniques, including Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF), Ratiometric Imaging and Lightsheet microscopy.

Picture of Prime BSI sCMOS Camera

Prime BSI delivers the ideal combination of speed, sensitivity, pixel size and resolution for biomedical imaging. The camera offers a unique combination of high QE and 6.5µm pixel size, and is excellent for a wide range of biomedical imaging applications. The Prime BSI is the ideal camera to power the next generation of instrumentation.

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Prime BSI is available with an embedded signal processing engine that quantitatively restores images that are hidden in photon noise. Learn more these advanced, real‐time processing features:

95% Quantum Efficiency comparison graph
  • 95% Quantum Efficiency
  • 6.5µm x 6.5µm Pixel Area
  • 2048 x 2048 array - 4.2 Megapixel
  • 1.0e- Read Noise
  • 45,000e- Pixel Full Well
  • 25,000:1 Dynamic Range
  • 43.5fps @ 16-bit
  • 63fps @ 11-bit

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