Our Solution for Light Sheet Microscopy

Light sheet microscopy enables scientists to overcome two major problems in modern microscopy. Namely, to image biological samples for much longer under physiologically relevant conditions than with conventional microscopy techniques and to image samples of considerable size in a more reasonable and relevant time frame.

This is achieved by illuminating the sample with a sheet of light positioned perpendicular to the imaging axis and thereby illumination only the plane in focus. As a result, out-of-focus structures will see less light and the sample is therefore less likely to develop phototoxic products. Light sheet microscopy combines the best features of two worlds. Signal to noise will be enhanced when comparing it with widefield illumination. Acquisition speed will benefit from using a camera rather than a point scanner of a confocal.

Introduction to Light Sheet Microscopy
In this presentation, we will review the current state and challenges of conventional microscopy and the goals for light sheet microscopy. See an in-depth overview of various techniques associated with Light Sheet, and how to successfully overcome specific demands that are inherent with imaging physiological processes.