Imaging SystemsDVΛ

Multichannel Imaging

The DVΛ is an emission splitting system enabling a user to acquire two spatially identical but spectrally distinct images simultaneously. What distinguishes the DVΛ from the DV2 is that DVΛ can accommodate image sensors up to a 22 mm diagonal. Simultaneous, multichannel imaging is essential for colocalization analysis, ratiometric analysis, or polarization studies of a single emission wavelength channel.

Key Features

  • Accommodates image sensors up to 22 mm diagonal including most sCMOS sensors
  • Simultaneous acquisition of two full-field emission images
  • Emission can be separated by wavelength, polarization, or amplitude
  • Exchangeable filter cube use standard 25 mm diameter filters and polarizers
  • Filter cubes can be configured by the user for different filters and beam splitters
  • Easily mounts to most microscope side ports
  • Incorporates rectangular aperture to define a region of interest
  • Image processing of DualView images is available in leading microscopy packages
DV Lambda Multichannel Imaging System

Primary Applications

  • Multicolor TIRF
  • FRET
  • Polarization/Anisotrop
  • Fluorescence Biosensors
  • 3D particle tracking via Bifocal Imaging
  • Simultaneous Fluorescence/DIC


Technical Note